for us, ‘business as usual’ is not an option in times of climate change

At delfort, we create value for our customers, suppliers, and employees. We drive change in the specialty paper industry, setting an example for sustainable practices. Our distinguishing strength is our ability to revolutionize paper and create highly functional and responsible solutions. To support our stakeholders on their green journey, we deliver value with our five principles.

Evolving employees’ skills

Our skilled and dedicated employees are the driving force to accelerate new ideas, methods, and products.

Sustainability & efficiency

Responsible operations throughout the value chain mitigate environmental impacts while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Innovating solutions

We invest significantly in R&D to ensure your next-generation products will leverage your business.

Advancing technologies

Your current innovations are secure! Our assets, machinery and process are state-of-the art and well prepared for future innovations.

Strong balance sheet

Team up with a sound and solid company to secure your long-term competitiveness.

Signatory of UN Global Compact: Supporting the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals

At delfort, our day-to-day business is guided by a policy of corporate responsibility which focuses on safety, sustainability, ethics, innovation, and reliability. Having recently signed the UN Global Compact, we are committed to taking a responsible, principle-based and integrated approach to addressing the Compact’s Ten Principles. 

Sustainable Development Goals 

The United Nations 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development guided the development of our sustainability framework and our goals for 2030. As a specialty paper company, we have identified eight SDGs having particularly high relevance to our business. With our focus on those eight goals, we developed our delfort-specific Sustainability Goals 2030.

In the next decade, we aim to go above and beyond, creating systemic change within the three pillars of our strategic sustainability framework.

health & safety

We provide a safe, healthy, and supportive working environment and continuously invest in safety initiatives beyond statutory minimum requirements.
Zero fatalities and no Lost Time Accidents (LTA) at all sites.
Safety awareness talks effective at all sites.

fair employment

We give fair, equal, and rewarding employment opportunities to our high-performing, diverse workforce, allowing people to utilize their individual talents and strenghts.
Annual performance review process installed at all sites.

developing talents

We train and develop our employees across all levels to leverage a highly skilled workforce and satisfying work environment.
Install delfort specific training program and renew it every two years.

corporate governance

We create, lead, and maintain a responsible culture for our business partners built on business ethics, human rights, social and environmental principles, principles on anticorruption, anti-competitive behavior, and taxation compliance.
Corporate governance policy reviewed annually to ensure continued relevance to emerging issues.
At least one significant, targeted “corporate governance-related” action to be initiated each year.

economic performance

We aim for a balanced, profitable growth, operational excellence, product and service leadership, and an innovation-driven approach to being a solid and long-term partner of our stakeholders.
Solid equity structure. Debt shall be < 2.5 times EBITDA.
Continuous up-date of assets, machinery, equipment and processes measured by CAPEX over 3 years in relation to depreciation being higher than 35%.
Continuous assessment of risks and active management (minimum 2 risk committee meetings per quarter).

long-term value

We build prosperous, value-driven procurement practices to manage business risks, improve the supply chain and create the most advanced solutions for our customers.
Target: 80% of delfort raw materials (pulp, fillers, chemicals) and packaging spend shall be qualified against delfort’s supplier management framework.

chain of custody

We support sustainable forestry and ensure a transparent supply chain through independent environmental, wood, and fiber certification systems.
Purchasing wood pulp exclusively from suppliers that are certified through leading, international forest certification programs, such as FSC®[1] and/or PEFC™.
The share of certified wood pulp should be higher than 90%.

[1] FSC-C109921

environmental compliance

We reduce our environmental footprint by optimizing production & manufacturing processes and efficiently using resources.
Reduction of freshwater consumption by more than 20% per 1,000 m2 of net saleable paper against baseline 2016.
Improvement of energy efficiency by more than 15% per 1,000 m² of net saleable paper against baseline 2016.
Reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 20% per 1,000 m² of net saleable paper against baseline 2016.

responsible product design

We are committed to delivering more sustainable products and solutions that enable our customers to achieve or exceed their sustainability goals.
100% of our new product development projects will fulfill at least one of our framework targets.

EcoVadis 2020 Gold Rating

delfort has been awarded a gold medal by EcoVadis for our outstanding achievements in the areas of:

  • Environment
  • Labor & Human Rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable Procurement.

Ranked in the top 5% of companies in the paper and paperboard manufacturing industry, this recognition reinforces our presence as a highly sustainable supplier for our clients. Sustainability is a fundamental part of our business focus and we will continue to strive towards excellence in 2021 and beyond.

our 2020 achievements at a glance

since baseline year 2006

-63 %
of specific NOx emissions
-40 %
of specific water consumption
-36 %
of specific greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions