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Woman standing in front of a beautiful waterfall
Woman standing in front of a beautiful waterfall

sustainability belongs to us

We do no treat sustainability as a simple add-on. To us, it’s central to who we are and what we do. Sustainability belongs to our culture. It is part of our manufacturing processes. It’s in the way we design and build our surroundings and how we treat our people. To do so, we have to focus on 3 strategic areas. This way, we never lose sight of our responsibility. It’s all about environment, people and security.

The cleanest energy is the energy we never use

True, we are fully committed to a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. We know that our environment and its resources are valuable assets for us and for the generations that follow.

We hold a firm desire to preserve natural heritage.

As time went by, we learned that we can best support this goal by creating sustainable production solutions for our customers - starting at our own supply chain and raw materials  and continuing through to the design and final use of our products.

Man with protective yellow suite standing next to a pulper

We’re better together

There is no questioning it. Our employees take on responsibility. On a daily basis, they operate as a team and play a major role in our achievements and overall success. You could say they are our most valuable resource. That's why we treat them with the respect they deserve. We believe this is one of the reasons they enjoy working at our company.

On the flip side, we are an attractive and fair employer offering our employees a safe, developing but also long-lasting working environment. Because together we’re better!

Production employees standing in the production hall

Solid ground to rely on

Truth be told, financial stability is in everyone’s interest, regardless of whether it affects business partners like suppliers, customers, employees or the communities in which we operate.

For us it is clear, we always strive for long-term partnerships, which are characterized by safety and durability. Within the last years, we have achieved profitable growth in a challenging environment. Thus we are well-positioned to build on value-generating relationships and a secure, long-term approach to the future.

Production employees standing in front of a papermachine

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Being successful requires strong personalities that establish drive, arouse curiosity and motivate each other to explore. Through our board members and our established Code of Conduct, we are perfectly equipped to handle whatever the future brings.

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