delfort paper
your hidden hero

Have you ever wondered how our specialty papers influence your daily life?
They do - in more ways than you could ever imagine! See for yourself!

6:30 AM

Electrical insulation paper empowers your day

Good morning! Lights on and out of bed! Can you believe it: cables under the ground and ocean bring electricity that powers your lights? delfort’s electrical insulation paper makes it possible. This special paper insulates cables, particularly those that are submerged or underground. It is so clean and free of impurities, that it is able to protect while resisting heat of the world’s highest voltages.

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8:00 AM

Every detail on one compact leaflet

“Oh no, my throat hurts this morning! Wait, how much cold medicine was I supposed to take?” Let’s take a look at this medical leaflet made out of super thin delfort paper. Folded into a small, handy bundle, it contains all vital information on just a few inches. No room for misunderstanding here!

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10:00 AM

Twice the knowledge on half the paper

Carrying your favorite science books to the office or school – no big deal! The reason: our thin print paper reduces weight and saves space. It’s used for what would be very thick books and scientific literature, allowing vast amounts of information to be printed on a smaller space, resulting in lighter books. That makes reading twice as enjoyable!

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12:30 PM

The most sustainable food packaging

Feeling hungry? Experience our eco-friendly food wrapping paper when enjoying a bite on the go. Our paper keeps your fingers completely clean and grease-free. Even better: your food stays fresh and tasty. Yum!

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2:00 PM

The eco-friendly paper straw

Your afternoon smoothie couldn’t be greener. I’m not just talking about the vitamins, I’m talking about the straw too. It’s made of biodegradable paper that lasts as long as it’s needed to drink up. At the end of its life it literally returns to nature.

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5:00 PM

Luxury starts with the right wrapping paper

The postman just brought your new Italian-made shoes and you can’t wait to open them. Isn’t it a special moment when you pull away the beautifully branded, translucent paper that holds your desired purchase? Luxury fashion and accessory brands know why delfort paper is the best choice for revealing exclusivity. The look and feel of the paper is unique, just like the person unwrapping it!

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7:00 PM

Baking paper - your best cooking assistant

Friends are coming over and you don’t have to worry! With our baking paper, entertaining is fun, like it should be! To keep the counter clean, do quick food prepping on a few sheets of baking paper and place the whole thing in a hot oven - paper and all. That’s it. No stress, no mess. Just pure flavor and enjoyment for you and your folks.

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Baking paper