thinstar plus

a wood-free coated thinprinting paper with a silk gloss finish

let your colorful prints impress your customers

thinstar plus has a smooth and sophisticated surface that provides ideal print gloss and image quality. Perfect for your next colorful projects!

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thinstar plus has outstanding optical properties and is at the same time super thin. The perfect combination!

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Outstanding Surface

The silky finish of the wood-free coated thinprint paper offers ideal print gloss. The basis for colorful prints!

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Environmental Standards

thinstar plus is acid-free and complies with all necessary environmental standards. Because future matters to us!

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thincoat plus

thinstar plus offers exceptional whiteness and gloss. Its smooth and sophisticated surface provides ideal print gloss and image quality. Superior optical properties guarantee a high-quality look to your publications.

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op polarbright

OP polar bright® is uncoated with an extra high blue shade brightness and good opacity. Its high brightness is guaranteed by the inclusion of OBA. Lower bulk & high stiffness provide unique properties, giving excellent results in runnability and folding.

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op medicalprint

OP medical print® is a specially developed product for the printing of medical and cosmetic leaflets. The paper contains OBA and its Laetus luminescence value is in excess of 9, which is crucial for optical reading of bar codes.

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Print & Publish

We understand that inspired people need space for developing fresh ideas! 100% paper is the key to releasing your creativity!

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