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no more trash in our oceans


the safe, natural, & sustainable solution
fully compliant with European legislation & biodegradable

delfort has a clear mission: keeping our environment and oceans clean. FibreStraw paper ensures that millions of customers can enjoy their drinks safely and sustainably.

At delfort, paper is never just paper! Our research and development teams have engineered the perfect paper for paper straws. Made from natural and renewable ingredients, your customers can enjoy their drinks safely and sustainably. Join us in our commitment to protect our planet through environmentally friendly solutions.

Highly Degradable

There when you need it, gone when you don't! 100% soil and marine degradable in as little as 1 month.

zero plastics

A sustainable alternative, made with 0 plastics and 0 micro-plastics.

natural ingredients

No man-made chemicals, PFAS, allergens, or GMOs - only natural ingredients!


Made from virgin PEFC and/or FSC™ certified fiber sources from sustainably managed forests. 

straws should not have a longer life than humans

FibreStraw paper for straws is 'sip'ly amazing

Not all paper straws are equal. 

With delfort, your vision for a better eco-friendly straw is secure. Our papers are a safe, natural, and sustainable solution for your business. We go above and beyond to support you with a holistic offering that encompasses every facet of the drinking straw experience.

Drinking Enjoyment

Offers consumers an enjoyable drinking experience.

Strong in Drinks

Supports paper straws in their form and function in liquids.


Certified for direct food contact, in compliance with leading food contact agencies FDA and BfR.

Flexible & Versatile

Perfect for all paper straw designs including u-shaped and telescopic. 

Great Runnability

Designed to work with all paper straw converting technologies available on the market.

versatility & functionality

whatever type of straw you need, our paper is up to the challenge.


▪ runnability on high speed spiral winding and cylindrical machines

▪ excellent optical appearance and printability

▪ paper fully recyclable and biodegradable

▪ soil and marine-degradable certified through TÜV Austria

▪ quality approved by various machine and glue suppliers


▪ basis weight range from 60 to 140 g/m² (37 to 86 lbs)

▪ fluorocarbon / PFAS free

▪ available in reels and bobbins, starting from 7.8 mm

▪ high wet stiffness and strength


▪ paper straws for various liquids and drinks

▪ base paper for all paper straw designs such as straight, telescopic and U-shaped straws


▪ perfect mechanical sealing

▪ high efficiency on high speed lines at the lowest basis weight

▪ excellent printability

▪ paper is fully recyclable


▪ basis weight ranges from 23 to 28 g/m² (14 to 17 lbs)

▪ with or without watermarking

▪ available in nature and white

▪ in reels or bobbins

▪ fluorocarbon / PFAS free


▪ straw wrapping

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