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The luxurious wrapping your brand deserves.

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You fulfill high expectations when using one of our tailor-made papers. They boast excellent performance giving your product an unique appearance and reflecting the quality inside.


We understand your challenging supply chain and support your needs with tailor-made solutions.


Consistent high quality level of all paper parameters enables customers to come up with amazing products.


Excellent physical and mechanical properties guarantee perfect runnability in machines.

cosmetic leaflet

The printed appearance, touch and feel of your leaflet is enhanced with a specialty paper grade.

colored leaflet

Make your product information sheets as special as your product itself with various thinprint paper.

mini brochures

With our specialty papers, your booklet will be super thin with excellent readability and processability.

luxury wrapping paper

Transparent and colored high-quality paper for wrapping jewelry, shoes, and other luxury items.

tersil release base paper for labels

The Tersil release base paper is the perfect solution for self-adhesive labeling in the retail industry.

cosmetics & personal care packaging

Packaging with outstanding, trending printing designs.

Woman and man reading a wine label


There's no question about it. Your labels need a perfect base. Our high performing release base papers are waiting to be paired with your self-adhesive applications.

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Ingredience for a burger lying on a white cooking paper


Fresh - that’s what your food should taste like! And it will when you use our finest packaging, baking or cooking papers. Environment-friendliness and sustainability drive our motivation to guarantee delicious solutions.

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