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Twice the knowledge on half the paper.

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We offer you a large portfolio of creative and practical products to satisfy all of your wishes & needs. Haven’t found what you are looking for? No problem – we customize!


All of our paper properties - such as opacity, tensile strength, etc. -

deliver consistent high-quality which allows customers the freedom to create amazing books, catalogues, guides and much more.


From reel to reel and project to project, our production maintains tight quality controls on all of the key parameters that allow for a maximum impact on your printed content.


So many papers – so many creative applications! Our portfolio invites you to try out new possibilities!



scientific, medical & technical literature

Best paper quality in highly sophisticated segments of science, medicine and technology.

legal & financial publishing

Thanks to our outstanding parameters you can print your high pagination publications.

high-end specialty publishing

Use our high performance thinprint paper for various applications in high-quality book publishing!

bible paper

Offering customized paper solutions for the world’s best read book!

holy Q’uaran

High-end specialty paper portfolio for the unique reading experience.

hymnal & prayer books

Unique paper properties support easy-to-read music and words.

catalogue paper

Matte and silk coated wood-free thinprint for catalogue printing industry.

reference & travel guides

Branded products of distinct quality to elevate your travel or reference guide to an unmatched uniqueness.


Leaflet grades that offer a combination of excellent operational efficiencies with outstanding aesthetics.

mini brochures

Thin, thinner, thinnest and high opaque. With our thinprint paper you can add pages to your mini brochure.

security paper

Tailor-made papers for security end uses.


It’s easy to use, thin and transparent. Perfect for all sketching or design purposes you might have!

design paper

Our graphic design paper TERREUS is well-known because of its unique surface and finished look.

archive & permanent paper

Our archive and permanent papers meet the highest international and national requirements.