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We are proud to be among the world's leading manufacturers of electrical paper. Our top-quality paper is of the highest grade and can be applied in the most demanding high voltage environments.


Flexible production enables us to supply a variety of electrical insulation papers, including semiconductive, thermally upgraded and high-density papers.


The best raw materials and our long-term experience guarantee high-purity and consistent results.


The mechanical properties of our papers enhance your productivity, as stronger paper with less breaks improves your machine uptime.

transformer insulation

High-purity insulation papers for power, distribution and instrument transformers.

transformer bushing papers

Insulation papers for OIP and RIP bushings with high breakdown strength and thermal endurance properties.

ground cable insulation

Low dissipation factor papers with high strength properties for ground cable applications.

submarine cable insulation

High performance submarine cable papers for high voltage applications.

base paper for laminates

State-of-the-art insulation paper with low dissipation factor for PPLP laminates.

capacitor papers

High-quality capacitor papers with low thickness, free of impurities.

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Unleashing creative spirits demands for open-mindedness and strong collaborative relationships. You just found the innovative partner you need on your team!

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From the first step of designing our products to the moment they are delivered at your doorstep – we consciously value and apply sustainability.

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