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We easily adapt in fast moving and changing markets! Let’s work together and find your individual paper solution!


To us the future matters. We constantly improve for your benefit by developing solutions that are both sustainable and value-adding.


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Our mission is to develop customized solutions for each client. Continuously exchanging information and ideas with our stakeholders allows us to meet each individual need!



cosmetic leaflet

Boost your brand identity by selecting the perfect specialty paper to communicate quality.

pharmaceutical leaflet

Leaflet grades that offer a combination of excellent operational efficiencies and outstanding aesthetics.

colored leaflet

You are looking for something different? Colored thinprint papers open a whole realm of opportunities!

mini brochures

With our specialty papers, your booklet will be super thin with excellent readability and processability.

extended content labels

Thin paper with high opacity and excellent process-ability make multi-fold ECLs possible.

pharmaceutical sachet

High performance one side coated paper (C1S) for flexible packaging applications.

tersil release base paper for labels

The Tersil release base paper is the perfect solution for a self-adhesive labelling in your industry.

Tesorb analysis & filtration

Tesorb is a extremely pure quality paper with high content α-cellulose and consistent performance.

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We understand that inspired people need space for developing fresh ideas! 100% paper is the key to releasing your creativity!

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There's no question about it. Your labels need a perfect base. Our high performing release base papers are waiting to be paired with your self-adhesive applications.

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