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We build UltraLite label bases for instant printing.

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Our Tersil release base papers boast superior quality unmatched by any found on the market in strength, transparency, silicone holdout, runnability, cost effectiveness and functional properties for silicone coating, lamination and die cutting.


Our paper is optimized for trouble-free runnability on all types of your silicone coaters.


Our paper is the truest sustainable solution for labelling, as we use fully renewable and responsibly managed natural fibers.


Our wide range of grades and reel specifications are tailored to meet your individual requirements.

release base paper Tersil

Tersil is the perfect solution for a wide range of self-adhesive labelling applications.

release base paper Tersil light base

Tailored for non-labeling self-adhesive applications where differentiation and cost efficiency are key.

release base paper Tersil UltraLight Base

The UltraLight release base for a more sustainable future of the labeling industry.

printed consumer goods labels

The label with superior strength, flatness, transparency, and excellent printability for various applications…