all benefits at a glance

The food industry is fast-changing and must comply with strict requirements. We like to change with you. All of our products can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements and are at the same time environmentally friendly.


Responsible and Remarkable. We look forward to supplying you with high-quality papers that you can trust.


No stranger to eco-innovation, we have a rich selection of sustainable products, partnerships, and certifications. 


The excellent physical properties and strength of our papers guarantee perfect runnability on converting lines.



tea filter paper

High performance tea filter paper that is as pure and robust as your tea blends

straw paper

Food approved and environmentally-friendly paper straw with high mechanical stability.

straw wrap paper

Thin and easily unwrappable straw wrap paper that is highly resistant to bacteria and external substances.

fast food wrapping

High-performance wrapping paper for various applications in the fast food industry.

confectionary wrapping

High-performance, twisting paper designed to meet the needs of the confectionary industry.

quick service restaurant bags

Fluorochemical-free oil and grease-resistant paper designed for quick service restaurants (QSR).

dry food pouches

High-performance, one side-coated paper (C1S) for universal food packaging applications.

bags for food & pastries

Grease-resistant paper used in a large variety of flexible packaging applications.

professional baking

High-performance, greaseproof base papers for various end products in sheets and reels.

household baking

We offer highly hygienic and heat-resistant base paper for your household applications and private labels.

paper for dough production lines

Our products are qualified and proofed for optimum performance on your dough production line.

cups, forms and trays

Bleached high-density paper with special treatment for slip-easy surface.

paper for food preparation

Greaseproof papers used in food preparation applications, that require durability and consistent quality.

base paper for lamination

High-technological paper for a wide range of converting applications.

printed food packaging

Made from single, double, or triple-layered film to optimize the shelf life of your product.