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We are blazing a trail for you. With the variety of options we offer, you will stand out from the crowd. Whatever your individual requirements and needs may be, we tailor the solution. We are all fired up and ready to go!

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Print & Publish

We understand that inspired people need space for developing fresh ideas! That’s why we provide you with ultrathin and lightweight, thinprint papers as well as archiving, sketching and security solutions to support your projects. 100% paper is the key to releasing your creativity!

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Pharma, Cosmetics & Healthcare

Look no further! Your specialty paper needs for leaflets, mini-brochures, pharma sachets, release base paper for labels or laboratory filters are right here. We have - or will develop and tailor - the right solution for you!

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There's no question about it. Your labels need a perfect base. Our high performing release base papers are waiting to be paired with your self-adhesive applications. It’s a match made in label heaven!

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Food & Cooking

Fresh - that’s what your food should taste like! And it will when you use our finest packaging, baking or cooking papers. Environment-friendliness and sustainability drive our motivation to guarantee delicious solutions.

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Power & Transformers

Are you producing transformers, cables or other electrical applications? We offer the highest purity of electrical insulation paper on the market with a comprehensive portfolio. Let’s power up together!

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Fashion & Logistics

Let your products shine! Leaflets and brochures, release base paper for colorful labels or beautiful wrapping paper for fashion and accessories – stand out from the crowd with our paper solutions!

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Have you ever wondered how our specialty papers influence your daily life? They do - in more ways than you could ever imagine! See for yourself!

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Unleashing creative spirits demands for open-mindedness and strong collaborative relationships. You just found the innovative partner you need on your team!

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