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August 15, 2018

delfort expands capacity for thinprint paper

August 15, 2018

delfort expands capacity for thinprint paper

delfort, the global innovation leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of special and functional papers, announces an investment of more than EUR 150 million for a new paper machine in its paper mill in Olšany, Czech Republic.

With this investment delfort will extend its leading position in the thin, lightweight paper industry and will support its customers in fulfilling growing demands in a complex business environment.

This significant investment is targeted to increase the overall capacity of delfort and to support delfort’s loyal customers in their growth with thin, lightweight and functional paper solutions.

OP papírna, the paper mill located in Olšany, the Northeast part of the Czech Republic, has more than 150 years of experience in providing the market with specialty thin paper and is known as one of the market leaders in supplying thin, lightweight paper. Since 1999, OP papírna sets the standard in close collaboration with customers to drive top-quality and service-oriented market solutions.

delfort paper mill OP papírna, s.r.o. in Olšany / Czech

The new paper machine will be equipped with the most modern features and will set new standards in the world of specialty papers. In connection with the expansion of today 's leading production of high quality formats, OP papírna will increase its output by more than 2,200 km² per year.

The machine will start operations within the next two years, which will increase the need for technical experts. The company plans to create more than 30 new jobs for specialists.

Together with the state-of-the-art machine and the best trained experts of OP papírna, delfort will provide existing, popular paper grades. At the same time, the new machine will support the production of innovative, high-engineered and leading paper solutions of uncoated and surface-treated, wood-free paper specialties in the future.


PM5 OP papírna, s.r.o.

The new manufacturing line will be installed along with Olšany's and Tervakoski's current PM’s. This will offer delfort’s thin, lightweight business a unique opportunity to combine strengths across two mills and three paper machines. The decision to invest more than EUR 150 million reflects delfort’s commitment to continue serving its customers with individual solutions for the highest product differentiation – and therefore boost the market success of its customers.

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