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September 05, 2019

We’re in it for the long haul

September 05, 2019

We’re in it for the long haul

WWhen we welcome you to the delfort team, we commit to a long-term relationship. Afterall, you are selected because your vital skills contribute directly to our success. Your career growth, health, well-being and safety are important to us. In an interview, our Head of Corporate HR, Rainer Dobringer explains more.

We invest in our employees' talents

How do you select your managers, and what leadership opportunities do you offer talented employees?

We like to see our employees excel, so we encourage their personal development throughout their careers. We provide many tools and opportunities to shoulder greater responsibilities and accelerate career growth. Talented team members are selected as managers based on outstanding performance and their drive to utilize our career growth tools. Once an employee has reached a leadership position, we continue to support their growth by offering the “Driving for Excellence Program”.

delfort employees are pioneers

Do you have policies that allow your employees to express themselves?

Yes, "Let's talk" is a program that encourages feedback from our employees. It lays the groundwork for an appreciative working environment and brings to light creative and effective ideas. Listening to our people often allows us to achieve strategic objectives.

In recent years, the topic of employee fitness and health has made a trend. Is delfort on board?

AAbsolutely! It’s so important to support our employees’ health, motivation level and work satisfaction. We do this through our “thinkhealthy” program. Implemented at all sites, thinkhealthy includes more than 400 customized activities, like sponsored health check-ups or free fitness classes. Keeping everyone mentally and physically fit is key to our thriving company culture.

What is the "Papermaking for non-papermakers" program?

Because everyone at delfort understands our products and processes to the fullest, we lead the market in exceptional, innovative solutions. For this reason, we created an internal program that teaches office staff the technical basics of paper manufacturing. Understanding the complexity of what the company does, enhances their service capabilities and streamlines communication among employees and with customers.

Rainer Dobringer, Head of Corporate Human Resources

Rainer Dobringer

Head of Corporate HR

With a degree in Social & Economic Sciences, Rainer Dobringer has 25 years of HR experience. He’s the father of two sons and plays the contrabass. Living in Upper Austria gives him the opportunity to enjoy nature hikes in the mountains and relish beautiful lakes.


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excitement for paper industry

Paper manufacturing certainly requires a very unique skill set, and it’s hard to find schools that offer certification and degrees for paper technologists. How do you handle this at delfort?

True, specialized education for paper technologists is scarce in public educational institutions. That’s why we train our own paper technologists through a program we specifically developed for them. In addition to technical training, it’s crucial our technicians receive regular business training as well. All our technical experts must understand our key economic and business principles.

In fact, regardless of your position at delfort, we offer training programs that enable you to continuously develop as a professional. We want to see you stay, and with such support, your enthusiasm for this company should never stagnate!

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