PPaper food packaging has come a long way since the first London fishmonger wrapped wares in newspaper. Still, today’s disposable food wrap leaves a lot to be desired. Synthetic wax-based packaging traps moisture, plus often it can’t be recycled. You want something better. delfort’s thinbarrier® eco is the solution!

As early as the mid 1800s, fast food pioneers rolled fish and chips into affordable, old newspapers, a tradition that lasted all the way up to the 1990s. Then health concerns drove new regulations. Vendors were required to use specially manufactured food containers and greaseproof paper. Goodbye greasy fingers smeared with black ink!

The first greaseproof paper is thought to have been engineered by Otto Munthe Tobiesen back in 1894 to replace traditional parchment paper. Adopted across the food industry for a variety of uses, it evolved into synthetic wax-based food packaging that functions ok, but could use some improvements. The demand for a more durable, eco-friendly alternative has been on the rise. The ideal product has remained obscure, until now.

delfort recently introduced thinbarrier® eco, capturing the attention of big fast food chains everywhere. Spearheading the modern paper revolution, our research and development team created a vegetable-based, grease resistant coating that eliminates the need for synthetic wax in food packaging. Our thinbarrier® eco line of food wrapping paper is produced using renewable resources and outperforms all comparable products in both sustainability and functionality.

In fact, food wrap has never been cleaner. Our thinbarrier® eco is fluorocarbon and PFOA free. It’s natural and non-toxic as well as biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable*. This means it’s ideal for protecting food products without affecting taste. Another key advantage is the porousness of delfort’s vegetable-based paper. Outdated wax-based packaging traps moisture, causing food to become soggy.  When using thinbarrier® eco, food stays fresher longer because moisture build-up can escape without ruining your delicious treats!

You can check out our range of eco-friendly food paper products by following this link.

* The paper is recyclable and compostable in those areas where these facilities are available.

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