At delfort, we make it a point to elevate our great innovations. The market-leading thintwist® is no exception. We’ve expanded its possibilities and now offer three varieties of confectionery twisting paper. Our classic thintwist®, our new shiny thintwist SC®, and our new glossy thintwist coat® are each tailored to meet customers’ confectionery needs.

Time and time again, we prove that specialty paper can be both superior in functionality and sustainability. Born through creative client collaboration, the thintwist® line illustrates that perfectly - it is the leader in performance and sublime presentation while meeting the eco-friendly standards of the modern customer.

Our classic thintwist® paper is a benchmark in the industry and offers excellent haptic properties and an outstanding mechanical strength that leads to potential basis weight reduction. Due to an optimized recipe and great formation, the uncoated thintwist® offers top-class runnability performance and high opacity after waxing, making it the right choice for high-quality printing and gorgeous visual appearance. The wax holdout is incredible, and thintwist® boasts significantly reduced wax costs due to lower wax consumption.

thintwist® SC
thintwist® SC is our new super-calendared version of twisting paper with a beautiful, shiny appearance. It has high tensile strength and a smooth surface that is perfect for any print.

thintwist® coat
Our new thintwist® coat is the clay-coated extension of our thintwist line that adds more gloss to the collection. It has a beautifully polished finish specifically designed to complement color print. It is also excellent for rotogravure and flexo printing.

For perfection in functionality and sustainability, our thintwist® line is the solution. Not only is it cost-effective with lighter paper and less wax consumption, thintwist® gives every sweet - from fruit chews to wrapped gummies to specialty confectioneries - that outstanding presentation it deserves. It’s no wonder so many clients in the confectionery industry rely on us for the latest trends.

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