Woman drawing on paper
Woman drawing on paper

FFor the creative; for the visionaries; for those who need the perfect tool to present their ideas to the world, we have strived to provide the perfect design paper, a specialty paper that stands out as a functional and sustainable alternative to the rest of the market.

We understand that the creative process is a journey. Hard work and inspiration are not optional; they are a must. For graphic designers, architects, marketing teams, and many others, creativity is a breadwinner - an inner voice that has been shaped by experience and artful care. We see the process as the portrayal of one’s life work. Such a process demands nothing but the finest representation, a specialty paper that is in itself creative, functional, and exceptional.

Terreus: For those who need the perfect tool to present their ideas

TTerreus, a design paper - produced in Finland - that we have crafted with our clients in mind. It is the perfect means by which to add that extra luxury touch to your hard work, a paper that comes standard with that delicious feel. We, at delfort, have developed a design paper, available in 100 – 330 gsm, for individuals who are at the forefront of the creative process. Our specialty design paper, Terreus, lends itself to classy presentation through a look and touch that speaks to what can be achieved through a creative collaboration of dedicated people.

Staying true to our ethos, we have created a design paper that is leading both functionality and sustainability. delfort’s Terreus, as with all our products, is designed with the environment in mind; as we are leaders of innovative, specialty paper products, Terreus is on the forefront of ecological responsibility, and thus the more sustainable choice for superior designs. Through a creative process of our own, we have endeavored to supply a product that adds its own flavor to the industry – specialty paper that speaks to the true need of people. Thus, we invite you to experience the next level of business cards, marketing leaflets, printing, design ideas, and so much more. 

Experience the next level of business cards, marketing leaflets, printing and many more

Terreus is an invitation to express the finest aspects of design, a paper that is known for its unique, exquisite surface and aesthetically pleasing look, which gives top-quality print the finish it deserves. Through its luxurious touch and sustainable qualities, we hope to partner with you in a creative process that stands out, which is why our specialty design paper is produced to the highest standards, primed for offset and digital printing, and in low grammage, it is suitable for inkjet and LaserJet printers.

"For the special point of difference that is undoubtedly luxurious, classy to the touch, and sustainable in nature, think Terreus – a paper that is as unique as our clients."

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