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August 03, 2018

Summer internship ends with a manifold of impressions

August 03, 2018

Summer internship ends with a manifold of impressions

AAfter completing her one-month summer internship with us, Katharina Kastberger is left with a lot of invaluable impressions. During just four weeks, she got to know five different departments, which she says has given her priceless insight that will help her in any job she may later land. Our HR representative Verena talked to Katharina on her very last day.

Katharina talking about her impressions with our HR representative Verena

"What was really special about your four weeks with us, was that you got to do a mini job rotation. Tell us about the departments you were introduced to."

Yes, it was exciting! I started in Purchasing where I learned more about current logistics projects. After that, I moved to strategic projects and learned all about process visualization and how to create country groups based on geographical and economic aspects. Then I was with the Innovation department, where I filled the technology library with supporting literature. In Marketing, I was working on Social Media and Customer Relationship Management tasks. Finally, I was in the HR department and supported you with your training database and by doing a research on personnel marketing topics. I really had a broad spectrum of responsibilities!

Katharina is sure: "This internship was very beneficial for me and my future!"

"Do you think you can benefit from these experiences during your studies or in a future job?"

Yes, absolutely. Maybe not particularly for my studies, but when I enter the workforce, I think I will certainly benefit from these past weeks. Because I have had a glimpse into the different departments that make up a company, I now better understand what future colleagues may need, what they do and how difficult their tasks are. The insight I have gained can only work to my advantage.

"What was the highlight of your past four weeks?"

I do think that my time with Purchasing probably was most interesting because it was the longest period of time. I was responsible for my own small project and could bring it to an end.

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Katharina Kastberger

Summer Intern

Katharina Kastberger completed a summer internship with us. In addition to her law studies, she also tutors German and English.


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semester law student

"How is your impression about delfort? Would you recommend it to other students or friends of yours?"

Totally. Because, as you said, I got the unique opportunity to experience a short job rotation and see many departments. Also, everybody I worked with was very kind and treated me respectfully. I never had the feeling not to be taken seriously due to my young age. I absolutely appreciated that people treated me equally.

"How would you summarize your experience in a few words?"

Educational, diverse, exciting.

"Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us! All the best for your studies, Katharina!"

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