glasses with smoothies and paper straws
glasses with smoothies and paper straws
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September 27, 2018

FibreStraw® Paper - Paper Drinking Straws Create A Better Food Industry

September 27, 2018

FibreStraw® Paper - Paper Drinking Straws Create A Better Food Industry

AAs the food industry looks for a solution to replace plastic straws, delfort has provided the perfect tool to meet the needs of straw users globally. With our FibreStraw® paper, and accompanying Straw Wrap paper for packaging, we are ready to take the food industry by storm with specialty papers that are environmentally-friendly and the perfect partner for any liquid drink.

Fibre Straw and Straw Wrap paper - the perfect environmentally-friendly combination

WWith the increase of plastic straws, a multitude of drastic environmental hazards have resulted from the production of this small, yet potent, petrochemically-based utility.

According to, the Quick Service Food Industry is changing the way it consumes plastic; many chains and franchises are opting for paper as the environmental-friendly replacement for straws. Household names such as Marriott and McDonald's are communicating in the public to seek plastic replacements, a direct result of the voice of consumers.

Customers are increasingly expecting alternatives to combat plastic pollution

Specialty Fibre Straw paper

To cater to our clients’ changing needs, we have developed Fibre Straw papers that are durable, a product that keeps its form.

"We achieve the perfect result with the fusion of different types of specialty papers ranging from 60 gsm to 120 gsm, each is robust and stable in nature – the perfect paper to create an environmentally-friendly straw."

These heavy-duty papers are dense to withstand your favorite drinks and liquids, each crafted by winding the fibers together and wound into a spiral so that it is able to maintain its function in the presence of liquid.

Straw Wrap paper: hygienic, effective and environmentally-friendly

Additionally to our Fibre Straw paper, we support our clients with a holistic offering that encompasses every facet of the drinking straw experience. Thus, we have created an appropriate paper packaging for our straws: Straw Wrap paper.

Fibre Straw and Straw Wrap paper - the perfect environmentally-friendly combination

Due to its low substance that stands below 25 gsm, our Straw Wrap paper is thin and easily unwrappable. It is also highly resistant to bacteria and external substances, keeping it hygienic and clean from transportation to serving.

Straw Wrap paper is excellently processed by high-speed wrapping machines. Our paper is mechanically sealable, resulting in packaging that is glue-free; it is also primed for the printing of any colorful design or logo.

Food-safe and made from sustainable sources

AAs with all our products, we strive to give our customers solutions capable of solving their unique challenges in the most environmentally-friendly manner. Thus, our base papers for paper straws are 100% food safe and in compliance with the FDA and BfR.

Our paper is also produced exclusively on FSC/PEFC Chain of Custody certified paper machines, machines that are certified to ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System. We ensure that every environmentally-friendly measure has been taken, which is why our materials are sourced only from suppliers that are 100% FSC and/or PEFC certified.

Find out more about FibreStraw® paper and speak to a delfort paper expert today. 

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