Employees with ski cheering into camera
Employees with ski cheering into camera

SSpring is here! To wipe away any last winter cobwebs, about 50 of our colleagues traveled by bus to Maria Alm, Salzburg for two days of team building on the slopes. Now that their minds are clear and their spirits are high, they’re geared up for a new season of original and wonderful paper solutions.

"It was a great weekend and I’m definitely attending again next year! Such activities allow us to grow as a team which makes communication and collaboration so much more natural!"

Ramona Haslinger , Application Software Engineer

Thanks to perfect weather conditions, our colleagues stayed out on the slopes for hours of fun. Afterwards, they enjoyed a meal and raised a glass during Après Ski. There’s nothing like fresh mountain air and sunshine to get everyone in the right mindset (not to mention a lot of tanned faces!). It’s days like these that nurture the collaborative spirit responsible for delfort’s success.

"Now that I’ve spent a weekend enjoying great weather in the company of my colleagues, I can’t wait to get back to working with them on new ideas!"

Manuel Etzlsdorfer , Project Manager Energy

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