hand drawing in a sketching book
man drawing into a sketch book

JJust like athletic training, we can exercise and strengthen our minds. It only takes a few minutes of training each day to break bad habits, manage emotions better and increase productivity. One of the essential tools for improving mental health is writing. So grab some paper and pen and take notes. Your journey to a happier, stronger mindset starts now!

Positivity belongs on paper

OOptimism enables us to improve our overall mindset and as a result, our performance! Recent studies find that recording our positive experiences magnifies feel-good moments, so why not keep a small journal or sketchbook in your bag so you can jot down all of your success stories? Did you have a great day? Then write it down!

Paper extends our creativity

TThroughout the day, our brain is automatically filtering out imaginative thoughts, wonderful dreams and brilliant ideas. Free writing is a simple way to combat this automatic filtering process that is detrimental to our creativity! When we grab a pen and paper, our brain is occupied with the act of writing so that our energy is diverted and the automatic filtering process is bypassed. 

Free writing enables us to reach thought processes that normally would be filtered by our brain and ignored by our subconscious. Scribbling has a similar effect. Snatching up a sheet of paper and doodling whatever comes to mind helps our brains to extinguish a bad mood and redirect our thoughts to the things that count. When you look at the flowers, ornaments, funny faces - or whatever you drew - weeks later, you will be surprised to discover that you remember the exact situation you were in while you were doodling!

"Snatching up a sheet of paper and doodling whatever comes to mind helps our brains to extinguish a bad mood"

PPaper supports our goals

According to a study done by Gail Matthews, those who write down their goals accomplish them significantly more often than those who don’t. When writing down our wishes and dreams we make them more concrete in our mind than when we just think about them. Plus by having them in black and white, we can revert to our plans any time we need a reminder.

So the next time you are tempted to get discouraged, don’t! Grab a notebook instead and power up your mental health today!

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