Mexican Employee throwing lids into a box
Mexican Employee throwing lids into a box

WWait, don’t throw that in the trash! When you’ve squeezed the last drop of shampoo out of its bottle, donate that plastic cap to “Banco de Tapitas”. That’s what our colleagues in Mexico are doing. Everyday, instead of tossing bottle caps and cardboard boxes into the trash can, they collect them in an effort to treat children with cancer.

In Mexico, cancer is the second cause of death in children between five and fourteen years old! That’s why when an 11-year old girl named Liz started a social initiative in 2015, the youth of Mexico responded greatly. Called "Destapando vidas", the objective of her project was to generate resources in support of children with cancer. Since then, a modest 5 ambassadors has grown to 1000 and counting! Now businesses and more than 120,000 social media followers across the Mexican Republic have joined forces to raise funds for young cancer patients between the ages of 0-21.

TThanks to them, campaigns such as Banco de Tapitas were born. By selling discarded items like plastic caps and lids to recycling centers, Banco de Tapitas can help pay for things like cancer treatments, wigs, nutritional supplements, and lodging. They even have a program that fulfills the wishes of gravely ill children. We are proud of our delfort colleagues in Mexico for supporting such a noble cause! Already they have donated about 300 kg of plastic lids and 100 kg of cardboard. Keep up the good work!

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