A picture showing many green leaves
A picture showing many green leaves

AAren’t you excited to see how more and more companies around the world are stepping up to operate eco-consciously? Never before has the motivation to work towards a greener future been so high. It’s become evident that using less resources isn’t just good for our planet and generations to come, it makes financial sense too! That’s why the market leaders of the future will be companies that strive to stay on top of sustainable innovation.

delfort is such a company. We invest greatly in the development of sustainable solutions. For that reason, we are honored to see our efforts recognized by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel! Our thinbake® line has received the well-known North European distinction which makes it easy for consumers to choose the very best ecological goods and services.

TThis means our thinbake® papers have been evaluated against life-cycle assessment criteria. Our compostable baking papers have proven to have a minimum impact on the environment, starting from raw materials, through production and finally as waste. Not all products in a particular product group pass the strict criteria of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, so we are proud to be part of their selection!

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