man reading thick book
man reading thick book

From large product catalogues and scientific literature to cosmetic and medical leaflets, and brochures, all of these require a large amount of information within a limited space. Thus, delfort is on the forefront of providing specialty paper that is thin, light and highly readable in order to allow for the delivery of more information from the confines of diminutive spaces.

TThinprint paper is used in a variety of industries; it provides a successful medium to deliver extensive information within a compact area. Find our thinprint paper delivering precious information within religious literature, scientific academia, big product catalogues, leaflets, and mini brochures. We understand how such a touchpoint is crucial to make your brand stand out from the rest, which is why we have every reason to offer our clients customized thinprint paper solutions.

WWe have strived to produce a paper that is light, thin and highly foldable, ensuring that our clients benefit from the very best in functionality. Despite this, our thinprint paper has the advantage of being extremely opaque, meaning that no text shines through from behind. We have delivered a thinprint paper with the long run in mind: having colors that are guaranteed not to change over any length of time. Thus, we are able to deliver our thinprint paper as a tool that allows for the visibility of even the tiniest of writing – true economy and quality of space. 

Staying true to the delfort ethos, our thinprint paper is on the forefront of ecological sustainability. Our specialty paper is made from 100% renewable resources, making it biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. Added to this, we offer a specialty paper that is light, one that lends itself to less transportation and therefore, reduced GHC emission.

"delfort thinprint paper is a competitive advantage – in both quality and sustainability"

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