burger wrapped in white paper
burger wrapped in white paper

WWe live in an age of convenience. An age where pre-peeled oranges come neatly packed in little plastic boxes and entire nations throw away millions of disposable coffee cups each morning without second thought. It is more important than ever for food packaging manufacturers and brand owners to produce products that are environmentally friendly.

Traditionally paper has always been thought of as the king of recyclable, biodegradable materials. Originating from wood pulp, paper naturally breaks down and decomposes in a short period of time. Things become trickier however when considering paper products manufactured for use in the food industry. Questions such as how to combat grease and make material waterproof pose their own unique challenges to manufacturers looking to make quality products. It is in this arena that manufacturers for paper food packing products are leading the revolution in a new wave of environmentally friendly products.

TThe revolution in the food packaging manufacturing industry has arrived largely in the form of water based adhesive coatings which allow for environmentally friendly paper products with the same grease resistant properties as their predecessors without the damage sustained from using non-biodegradable coatings. Take for example our thinbarrier® eco, a new packing wrap paper made from entirely renewable resources. Tests have shown that thinbarrier® eco’s vegetable based formula outperforms existing wax-coated brands in sustainability and functionality.

The R&D team at delfort designed a fluorocarbon and PFOA free paper using a grease-resistant, vegetable based coating which eliminates the need for wax. As a result thinbarrier® eco is re-pulpable, recyclable* and compostable*.

These new advances in the science which goes into keeping your hands grease free while indulging in your favorite foods are a big step forward for environmentalist movements and means we can continue to use bio-based paper coatings to ensure our food is protected while also protecting our planet.

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* The paper is recyclable and compostable in those areas where these facilities are available.

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