SSustainable can be sexy and sleek! Just look at our black FibreStraw® paper. It’s silky to the touch and gives your special drink the desired look of elegance and sophistication. This is a modern must-have for a classy night out on the town or an unforgettable milestone event.

You’re dressed to impress, the lights are dimmed just right, the service is immaculate, and the hors d’oeuvres look too delicate to eat. An exclusive experience is all about the details. When you stir and drink your cocktail, you want a straw that is as flawless as the ambiance. FibreStraw® paper in black is worthy of such an occasion.

Elevating every signature drink, our solid black sip stirrer has the silky-smooth texture and exquisite appearance that is perfect for high-end venues and entertaining. Like our other successful straw papers, it is sturdy and long-lasting, FDA and BfR-approved, available as FSC™[1]/PEFC™-certified, and 100% natural meaning it is both compostable and soil and marine biodegradable.

So, how can a straw dissolve in the ocean but also be suitable for enjoyable drinking?

TThe secret is in the structure of the paper. By fusing different types of robust and stable specialty paper, the straw is designed for all paper straw converting technologies available on the market. Combining this with an all-natural black dye that doesn’t bleed creates a straw that won’t let you down.

Even a wrapper for paper straws has been cleverly designed to be ultra-thin and easy to tear while also being highly resistant to bacteria and other external substances. Our Straw Wrap paper is clean and hygienic from transport to serving. Processed on high-speed wrapping machines, it is mechanically sealable, resulting in a glue-free product that is primed for colorful design or logo printing.

Both products, FibreStraw® paper in black and the paper for the straw wrapper, are made from controlled or certified pulp according to FSC™ or PEFC™ Standards and they both meet the FDA and EU regulations for food packaging materials.

FibreStraw®  paper in black is the quintessential example of how eco-friendly design is evolving:

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