Laboratory staff at Papierfabrik Wattens doing quality control of our specialty papers
Laboratory staff at Papierfabrik Wattens doing quality control of our specialty papers
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October 29, 2019

Experience and high quality standards ensure long-term customer satisfaction

October 29, 2019

Experience and high quality standards ensure long-term customer satisfaction

EExploring new technologies and ensuring customer satisfaction accompany Roland Steinlechner since 28 years at delfort. No wonder he understands exactly what is important to our customers and how to meet their needs! 


Mr. Steinlechner, as Head of Quality Assurance & Laboratory at Papierfabrik Wattens, what’s a normal day for you?

Let me see. It’s usually pretty varied. I have numerous roles, the most important of which is ensuring long-term customer satisfaction. This usually involves holding quality-control meetings with our customers and constantly coordinating with our technical customer service department. A very important task is the evaluation and control of production quality. Additionally, I prepare GO & SEE meetings and team meetings.

Roland Steinlechner, Head of Quality Assurance & Laboratory at delfort

TThe paper mill in Wattens mainly produces high-performance papers for the tobacco industry. Are there unique quality requirements for these special papers?

Our customers expect only the very best. This not only includes physical and chemical specifications, but also the appearance and the processing quality of our papers.

In terms of purity, taste and performance, our customers’ businesses depend on us providing total consistency in terms of these three product characteristics. We have a very good reputation in the industry as a reliable, sustainability-responsible and quality-conscious producer and supplier.

In your eyes, what's the technology of the future?

Actual all of our customers in the tobacco industry are focusing on the so-called “heat not burn” technology. Supporting our clients we also have dedicated R&D resources to this topic and already managed to supply papers for this new market segment. This type of "smoking" is based on heating tobacco instead of burning it as with conventional cigarettes. This innovative type of smoking also requires even higher quality standards than normal cigarette paper. Beside the conventional cigarettes, this will be definitely a part for the future.

Quality assessment in the laboratory

How do you see our slogan "creative collaboration" and what do your team and you personally contribute to it?

Creative collaboration exists in order to meet the critical demands of highly valued customers. Many of them have individual or changing requirements, and the only way these can be met is through successful and creative collaboration, not only with departments within our company, but also external players such as materials’ suppliers. My team is responsible for creative collaborating on every aspect of the design, manufacturing and quality of the paper, achieving outstanding results thanks to an essential skill – “effective communication”.  Personally, I see my role in the company as a driving force behind the excellent customer service and superior products that delfort is renowned for. In conjunction with the very finest internal teams and carefully chosen external players, we ensure customers’ demands are constantly and consistently met. The “creative” element of my role comes from exploring new technologies and assessing how they could be integrated within the company and, as important, whether they will improve efficiency and maintain, if not improve product quality.

portrait photo of Roland Steinlechner, Head of Quality Assurance & Laboratory at Papierfabrik Wattens

Roland Steinlechner

Head of Quality Assurance & Laboratory

Roland's principle is: be open to change, be honest with yourself and others. For him it is important to educate and to be open-minded in the job.



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my favourite soccer team was founded - AC Milan, “I Nerazzurri”.

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You have been with delfort for 28 years. What are you most proud of?

I am proud to be an integral part of the delfort success story along with my team. I always compare my role as that similar to a small gear wheel in a Swiss precision watch. When all gear wheels are fine-tuned everything works properly, runs smoothly, and remains 100% reliable.

Thank you Roland, for that great interview!

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