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October 24, 2018

delfort’s Ecological Paper Solution Goes Global

October 24, 2018

delfort’s Ecological Paper Solution Goes Global

At delfort, we endeavor to work alongside our clients. We develop meaningful relationships so that we can work together in order to create, through our partnership, a better business venture – one that enhances the lives, of both, our clients and their customers.

WWith great excitement, we are proud to announce that our client - Pita Pit - will be adopting our thinbarrier® eco paper globally. Pita Pit operates within a number of countries internationally and their product is simply delicious. The likes of Canada, the USA, France, India, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many more have, for many years, relished the tasty presence of Pita Pit’s flavoursome business model.

PPita Pit – the healthy fast food alternative – is on the cusp of taking our food wrapping paper, thinbarrier® eco, global. A united effort that has been achieved through a close and creative collaboration that has led to the delfort name being an accompaniment to many delicious pitas worldwide. So far, thinbarrier® eco has been abundantly successful within the US market. Now, Pita Pit seeks to adopt it in all stores across the globe.

thinbarrier® eco is a food wrapping paper that is light years ahead of the competition, the innovation that is on the lips of everyone connected to the Quick Service Restaurant industry – literally and figuratively. It proves an effective serving tool, whilst being recyclable, compostable and biodegradable*.

Custom, handmade, & healthy pitas wrapped in our thinbarrier® eco

thinbarrier® eco is a packaging wrapping paper, produced from renewable sources, that outperforms the existing wax coated alternatives in both sustainability and functionality. delfort’s Research and Design team designed a fluorocarbon and PFOA free, environmentally friendly paper using grease resistant, vegetable based coating that eliminates the need for wax. As a result, thinbarrier® eco is biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable*.

TThe perfect pita deserves the exquisite packaging, one that allows customers to enjoy their meal with the utmost in quality yet stays true to the sustainability goals of Pita Pit. To this end, we have worked alongside Pita Pit so that we can provide them with a pita wrapping that gives customers both ease of enjoyment and conscience.

thinbarrier® eco is biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable*

thinbarrier® eco has certainly turned heads within the food wrapping industry, a testament to its quality, innovation and ground-breaking sustainability. We, at delfort, are certain that our collaboration with Pita Pit will continue to be on the forefront of food paper wrapping creativity – now on a global scale.

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*thinbarrier® eco is recyclable and compostable in those areas where these facilities are available

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