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January 23, 2019

delfort sets example at World Economic Forum in Davos

January 23, 2019

delfort sets example at World Economic Forum in Davos

WWe at delfort have steadily made a name within the industry in developing functional specialty paper solutions that are highly environmentally friendly. As guest of the World Economic Forum´s Business Debate, delfort shares at Davos how we support food and packaging industry with fiber-based solutions that are genuinely eco-friendly from cradle to grave.

Consumers and customers are increasingly requesting environmentally friendly packaging solutions, especially for the food packaging and retail industries. As a result, we are closely collaborating with our partners to develop fiber-based alternative packaging that meets their requirements.

Our partners, including blue chip companies, value us for two reasons: firstly, our people own the expertise to engineer high performing functional papers and secondly delfort fulfills the sustainability requirements as a company and with its products.

"For us the future is “renewable”. Paper has unmatched properties to support a circular economy and it’s that limitless potential that drives us to forge ahead in ensuring our continued production of sustainable and renewable packaging."

Dr. Martin Zahlbruckner , CEO

ddelfort copiously invests into R&D to develop functional papers that are equipped with alternative barrier materials and additives that ensure our specialty paper products are environmentally friendly.

Find out more about us, our vision and our eco-friendly specialty paper alternatives on

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