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November 14, 2019

Synergize to succeed: delfort launches Technology Days

November 14, 2019

Synergize to succeed: delfort launches Technology Days

AArmed with a passion for innovation and the best tools available, delfort’s experts advance our technology at an exciting pace. How does everyone across our global sites keep up with each other, you wonder? Through delfort’s Technology Days, an event that allows our specialists to gather and exchange expertise, making sure we’re all moving forward at the same tempo.

To maximize synergy, we’ve designed delfort’s Technology Days, which was launched in October. Lasting three days, 25 of our leading Technical Customer Service, Research & Development, and Production specialists from around the world gathered in Traun, Austria to share their latest developments. 

"You could feel everyone’s enormous motivation to inspire and improve, demonstrated by the mere fact that discussions continued well beyond dinner."

Josef Glawogger , Senior Manager Corporate Manufacturing

"What an inspiring and productive event! A perfect mix of emerging and experienced experts discussed current and future topics, shared know-how, and learned from each other."

Daniel Fischer , Head of Corporate Manufacturing and Technical Affairs

TThis event proved to be successful, as we are already implementing improvements across the group. Thanks to creative collaboration and ongoing dialogue, we continue to be number one in customer service and product innovation, providing the industry’s best specialty paper solutions.

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