TThe Charter of Trust for Paper Drinking Straws gives consumers and businesses a reliable way to identify paper straws that comply with EU regulations and food contact material guidelines. By signing the Charter, we guarantee that our FibreStraw® paper is compliant and safe – good for the environment and good for you! 

Consumers may find it difficult to identify which paper-drinking straws comply with EU regulations, are safe, and are environmentally responsible. Supported by the Charter, we have made a commitment that any substance of concern is absent from our FibreStraw® paper, that we obtain all mandatory EU certifications, and that we are audited regularly against these requirements by independent qualified certifying bodies.

"At delfort, we design specialty paper for a better tomorrow. For a tomorrow that respects nature, high standards, and above all the health of consumers. That is why delfort’s global team of paper specialists always keep functionality, sustainability, and the well-being of consumers at the heart of product development."

Martin Zahlbruckner , CEO @delfort

A guarantee consumers can trust

To meet the expectations of Europe’s health and safety-conscious consumers, 360° Foodservice, a collaborative hub for the foodservice chain, initiated the Charter of Trust which identifies all relevant EU regulatory requirements to guarantee paper straws are safe, hygienic, and environmentally friendly.

More than 'just' paper

The foundation of any great paper straw is great paper! What might seem like a simple product is actually the result of elaborate research and development to discover the best combination of high-performing raw materials. As a member, delfort commits to uphold the high standards of quality and safety that consumers expect from food contact materials.

What the "Charter" stands for

✓ A paper drinking straw is a new highly engineered product that should be made with quality raw materials.

✓ Paper drinking straws are safe when they are fully compliant with all applicable EU and national law on materials in contact with foodstuffs.

✓ Companies declare full conformity with the relevant legislation, ensuring that straws are safe.

✓ Sourcing, supplying, or using straws from commited companies guarantees a straw you can trust.

✓ Makes it easier to identify compliant products.

Ready to make the switch to safe and environmentally friendly FibreStraw® paper?

Thomas Brunnauer
International Sales Manager Food Service
+43 7229 776-521

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