Infographic of sustainability management
Infographic of sustainability management

RReduce, reuse, recycle. These three words are in the minds of stakeholders worldwide. More and more, we are hearing them voice their concern for the future of our planet and it’s driving the actions of companies across all industries.

The self-adhesive industry is no exception. At this year’s AWA Label Release Liner Seminar, and Labelexpo Americas 2018 - held September 24-27 in Rosemont/Chicago, USA, -  the industry sent a clear signal: we care too! Experts came together to shine a light on existing and emerging solutions to environmental dilemmas. delfort is proud to be part of that movement. We offer the labelling industry sustainable release liner solutions based on natural, renewable and recyclable fibers.

Our release base paper: sustainable, fully renewable and from responsibly managed natural fibers

This is great news considering release liner, particularly paper-based, is one of the industry's most valuable resources. This was confirmed by various speakers at the conference who also agreed that finding and applying the right solutions for the industry cannot be a one man show.

"Everyone must get involved! A broad cooperation within our network will create synergies and a positive effect for the whole society."

Rosalyn Bandy (left) and Anne Johnson (right)

"delfort’s latest contribution is an ultra light release base paper. It’s specially designed for labelling applications. It not only opens up new horizons, it sets a sustainability benchmark for the labelling industry!", says Aleš Krmela, Sales Director Release Base Paper at delfort.

OOur innovative solution has not come a moment too soon, considering Tag and Labels Manufacturing Institute’s message at the conference. TLMI, a North-American organization similar to European FINAT, highlighted that a holistic approach to sustainability is a must. Its Director of Environment and Outreach Rosalyn Bandy (picture left) as well as Vice-president of Resource Recycle Systems Anne Johnson (picture right), shared with the professional public several alarming statistics related to plastic materials used and wasted in our daily lives.

Alarming statistics related to plastic materials

They stipulated that an estimated 8 – 12 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year. About only 9% of all plastic materials produced worldwide are being properly recycled.

The entire pressure-sensitive industry can’t turn a blind eye to these figures, especially since there are true sustainable solutions available, such as the eco-friendly innovations we have developed at delfort.

"We take these figures seriously. You can count on us to continue standing at the forefront of designing specialty paper products made of fully renewable and responsibly managed natural resources."

Aleš Krmela , Sales Director Release Base Paper

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