candies wrapped in confectionary wrapping paper
candies wrapped in confectionary wrapping paper

AAt delfort, we are constantly on a mission to provide innovative paper solutions to a variety of industries – products that make a difference to our customers and their clients. Through a creative collaboration, we have developed a market leading duo of confectionary wrapping products: thintwist® and thinfold®. Thus, our clients have realized the value of our food wrapping paper as the perfect medium to present an endless variety of confectionary items.

OOur specialty paper is designed with the future in mind; it is sustainable in nature and functional in application. We believe in a process of innovation, one that leads to a better outcome for all our stakeholders. To this end, we have designed thintwist® and thinfold®, specialty paper products that aid in the protection and a sublime presentation of your favorite candies and sweets.

thintwist® - perfect for wrapping candies and similar treats

Our thintwist® paper offers excellent haptic properties, mechanical strength in very low grammages (from 25 – 45 gsm), and reduced wax costs due to lower wax consumption. We offer two products in this range: the first being thintwist® SC, which is high calandered, meaning it has a high tensile strength and a smooth surface that is perfect for any print. Second, we provide thintwist® coated, a coated paper, with a polished finish that pairs well with color print. Thus, we have the best suitor wrapping for candies and similar treats. It is a nod to what can be achieved with creativity and an ‘out-the-box’ mentality.


thinfold® - the perfect wrapping for a multitude of delicious snacks

WWe have realized that certain confectionaries are best served within a folded wrapper, hence we have developed thinfold®. Above that, we have put in place highly functional features, as thinfold® has a good wet opacity, market-leading quality sealing, and excellent foldability. Its qualities make it the perfect wrapping for fruit chews, soft candies and a multitude of other delicious snacks.

Having said this, it is no wonder that the confectionary industry is turning for us to food wrapping solutions to candies, and other such sweet items like fruit chews, wrapped gummies, and specialty confectionaries. Our specialty paper is the latest trend, leading the charge towards quality and sustainability.

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