Vietnamese employees of delfort at the beach
Vietnamese employees of delfort at the beach

AAt delfort, our successful partnerships are built on creative collaboration, which effectively starts on the homefront. After all, we can’t sustain strong business relationships, if our company spirit isn’t as solid as a rock. We’re serious about our industry, but we also believe recreation is important too. In fact, a great way to expose our colleagues’ strengths and talents is to occasionally escape from the work place!

That’s why our employees in Vietnam recently took a trip to the beach. The wind and the waves not only opened up their minds to new possibilities, everyone also got a chance to display their individual skills sets. The relaxing days in the coastal province of Vung Tau was spent playing team-building games, which included a photo competition.

After getting wet during a rain shower, everyone warmed up around a campfire. The outing ended with a gala dinner and the team went home with fond memories and a better understanding of each other.

"The activities were so much fun. They really helped us to strengthen our collaborative spirit"

Trương Ngọc Hoa , BOD Secretary

GGeneral Director Hannes Kinast encourages our colleagues in Vietnam to use the day’s experiences to their advantage. “We had a great day making fun memories and deepening relationships. Now let’s keep that collaborative spirit alive in the workplace. I’m sure that if we do, we are guaranteed to see further success of the company.”

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