MMmmmmm. Pumpkin pie, melted cheddar on sourdough bread, or just a good old PB&J. Whatever comfort food satisfies your craving, our baking paper will help you make it just right. thinbake® eliminates mess in the kitchen and doubles as an amazing food wrap that is compostable and free of toxins. So, be kind to yourself and let these baking paper hacks lighten your load.  


Pumpkin spice makes everything nice P

And so does thinbake®! Line your pie dish with baking paper for an unforgettable crust and easy cleanup. Your favorite pie recipe will stick in their minds and not to the dish with the help of baking paper. With fewer dishes to wash up, you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time listening to your family ooh and aah over your baking skills.

Wrap it up! W

Forget about plastic wrap, #keepitnatural. When you’ve made that perfect PB&J sandwich to take to school or work, you want to protect it the best way possible. Wrapping sandwiches in baking paper is the quintessential way of preserving freshness and flavor. thinbake® won’t affect the taste or texture of your snack, plus grease and jelly won’t leak through the special, eco-friendly coating. No more soggy sandwiches and no messy backpacks and lunchboxes when you use thinbake®!

Melt their hearts M

Warming up your loved ones on a chilly day just takes some sourdough bread, cheddar, and a sandwich grill. Easy, right? Until the grill needs to be cleaned! Escape scrubbing off layers of baked-on cheese by placing your sandwich between two sheets of thinbake® baking paper before putting it on the grill. Now go enjoy the perfect crunch factor and #shareyourcheddar!

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