cookies and banana on baking paper
cookies and banana on baking paper

Besides the occasional baking of Grandma’s best cake recipe, baking paper mostly remains deep in the cupboard. However, with a little creativity and a sprinkle of smart thinking, we can find millions of ways to make use of this underappreciated, super convenient item.

Here are our top 5 life hacks for your roll of thinbake®.

pizza slice on baking paper

Crispy Pizza C

Nobody enjoys squishy leftover pizza that’s been nuked in the microwave. Now deprived of all its appeal, what could have been a gratifying snack has turned into a soggy mess. Avoid swampy pizza by placing your leftovers on a piece of thinbake®. The result: a warm and crispy snack. We guarantee it will be every bit as good as the fresh stuff.

muffins with paper liners from baking paper

Cupcake Cases C

It has happened to the best of us: you’re halfway into baking, and discover there is one important item missing. If that item happens to be cupcake liners, worry no more. Simply use thinbake® as a makeshift cupcake/muffin cup for your hard-earned confectionaries. It can even add a rustic charm at bake sales. To do so, lightly grease the pan, cut out small squares of thinbake® and place them inside the tin, forming a cup. Pour the mixture in and…voila!

Jars with powder

Jar Spices Easily J

We all know the struggle of transferring powdered goods from one container to the other. It can often end with a widespread mess, creating frustration and adding even more work to an already busy day. Solution: use thinbake® as a funnel to get your sugar, spices and other powdery goods into jars quickly and easily. Mess-free guaranteed.

small leaves growing

Grow a Tree G

delfort is proud to present thinbake® that is 100% compostable and eco-friendly. After baking that perfect cake, enjoying that crispy slice of pizza, or perhaps serving your family the best cupcakes ever, help your garden and the ecosystem by adding the paper to a compost heap. Baking that is guilt-free and good for the environment is made possible because we care about you and your future.

toast on a plate

Quick and Easy Toasties Q

Toasties -or grilled cheese sandwiches- are a deliciously quick way to prepare lunch. They are the perfect snack for hungry kids or a quick ‘out the door’ option. However, they can leave a mess on the grill. Next time, try adding a piece of thinbake® as it can withstand the high temperature. Place the sandwich between two sheets of thinbake® and cook away. The mess stays on the paper and afterwards it can be added onto your compost pile.

These life hacks prove that with a little imagination, and perhaps an article read or two, useful items are hiding right under our noses. thinbake® is one such item that should be in the armory of any baker. Rediscover its seemingly endless applications and start simplifying your kitchen routines. Enjoy!

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