Package with label on chair
 Package with label on chair

TThe self-adhesive labeling industry is constantly searching for innovative solutions that support the efficacy of the final product while contributing to the overall sustainability of the industry. Thus, and as a nod to our creative collaboration process, we have teamed up with our customers to introduce a release base paper with the proven potential to become a revolutionary product within the industry.

Release base paper Tersil UltraLight Base

We continue to use natural, fully renewable and recyclable resources to create our sustainable release base paper. Our newest solution leaves an extra impression thanks to its lightweight 35gsm. This release base paper is therefore substantially lighter than current alternatives on the market.

We are convinced that this new, ultra lightweight release base paper is going to set a new benchmark in the industry, as it creates a new industry standard for thinness, weight and price – our release base paper is high in quality yet more economical than most substitutes found on the market.



38% lighter than current alternatives



made of fully renewable, sustainably managed resources

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38% less changeovers on the coater

Quality Redefined

Due to its thin design, our ultra-light release base paper offers customers the ability to get more labels out of each ton. A ton of our 35gsm release base paper makes up around 28,500 m² of labeling surface area. That’s an astounding increase of yield, 38% to be exact, when compared to standard release base paper options.

Production processes are made increasingly efficient, as the innovation of a thinner paper requires less reel changes because more paper can be wound on a reel. This decreases downtimes and causes less overall waste due to changeovers.

Tersil UltraLight Base for all labeling applications

Sustainable from Start to Finish

Like all our release base papers, our 35gsm range has been fashioned out of natural, 100% renewable and recyclable raw materials. Moreover, a lighter paper further aids in the reduction of waste, as less paper is used to deliver the same amount of labels as before.

We don’t stop there: due to a lighter paper and a market-leading thinness, less resources are wasted in transport. This reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and allows for a more efficient use of release base paper – whether directly or implicitly.

Tersil UltraLight Base the sustainable release base paper

Innovation is often inspired by the needs around us, and our release base paper is on the forefront of revolutionizing the way the labeling industry approaches both the environment aspects and the quality demands of a competitive industry. At delfort, we have found a way to marry these needs in a manner that adds value to all who encounter our release base paper.

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