WE GO beyond limits

Man is standing on top of a mountain watching the clouds
Man is standing on top of a mountain watching the clouds

we build the skills and capacity to drive innovation


We target a defined area – such as developing sustainable packaging paper – and devise a plan for reaching our goal. Any gaps in the plan is where we focus our innovation resources.


An open, ongoing dialogue allows us to identify and explore all promising innovations. We communicate daily internally with our innovation managers and externally with our suppliers and business partners. Together we develop cutting-edge solutions!


Through our synergies across the group and our extensive network of partners, we identify and facilitate the opportunities for collaborative innovation that will speed our progress towards achieving our goals.


We work closely with our clients so that we can quickly identify if a solution is meaningful for the end consumer and speeds up an introduction to the market.

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Browse through our products & industries to find out more about our expertise and strengths. We are sure we have the right solution for you!

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From the first step of designing our products to the moment they are delivered at your doorstep – we consciously value and apply sustainability.

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