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We are the global innovation leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of specialized and functional papers.

Through exceptional collaboration between people, technology and expertise, our family-owned group delivers outstanding service and customized paper solutions across various industries.

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A day with delfort specialty paper

It’s super thin, it always serves a function and it’s sustainable - our specialty paper. Discover some of the game-changing solutions and unforgettable experiences our revolutionary paper unlocks.

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Solutions & Industries

We invent revolutionary paper – ultralight, sustainable and designed to fit your exact needs. With 3,200 talented people producing over 1,500 types of specialty paper, our solutions can be found in various industries.

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Our goal is to power the world with only the greenest paper. We’ve set new sustainability goals for 2030 to push ourselves further than ever before. Tackling challenges and raising the bar at every level, we’re taking swift action to ensure our carbon footprint gets lighter by the day.

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what we stand for

CCreative collaboration is our vision. It redefines teamwork between colleagues and customers and drives a productive interplay between people, expertise and technology. This enables us to overcome difficult work processes as one team.

Our Creative collaboration is the key to achieving exceptional results and mutual success in the future. Our 4 company values support our vision:


Empathy is our strength & crucial to understanding people, complex situations and technical demands. Perfect to form trustful & longlasting relationships.


We love to explore & innovate. Our passion: finding new & unexpected solutions together with and for our customers.


An excellent interplay between a wide diversity of people, skills, expertise and cutting edge technology - to us that's true collaboration.


We are committed to delivering only exceptional processes and invaluable results for our clients. Each and every day.


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