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Community. Safety. Quality. delfort is a global company with a family-oriented mindset. Our people are our greatest asset and we strive to bring out the best in them. Join us in Vietnam where you can plan long-term career goals and enjoy European standards for employee welfare. As a member of delfort’s international community, we offer you a safe work environment with sustainable practices, equal employment opportunities, regulatory compliance, shared accountability, and open communication. Through creative collaboration, you can be part of a friendly, talented team that customizes solutions, delivering exceptional services and specialized products. Every day is a new challenge with lots of opportunities for professional growth.

what we offer

lunch subsidy

Lunch subsidy

employee festivals

Sport events and employee festivals

employee gifts

(Seasonal) Employee gifts

health insurance plan

Attractive supplementary health insurance plan

yearly premium

Possibility of a yearly premium* (*depending on overall company performance)

shuttle service

shuttle service to work


Bonus based on performance

life at wattens vietnam

I look forward to coming to work every day. The company is so dynamic, working here never gets boring. We’re all involved in improving practices and procedures which is really exciting. The work environment is friendly and sympathetic, and open communication is promoted. My feedback is encouraged and I’m given the opportunity to contribute. Continuous improvements and advances in innovation make me confident this company has what it takes to succeed. Also, excellent pay and benefits result in loyal employees. Thank you, BoD, for creating a win-win culture that is well-matched with our slogan “creative collaboration".

Trần Ngọc Châu Production Manager

Wattens VN is the friendliest working environment that I have ever experienced. All my colleagues are helpful and easy-going. It deserves our slogan “creative collaboration. Personally, I am having a great time working here.

Trương Ngọc Hoa Secretary to BoD

Our international community - this mix of geography, languages, and cultures - offers many opportunities. Together we collaborate, exchanging expertise and building possibilities. delfort has brought us new technology, knowledge, and the chance to work with talented and experienced expats. I’m learning so much, improving my skills and advancing my career. delfort offers stable and valuable employment, improving the lives of its employees by providing high safety and sustainability standards. This motivates everyone to plan long-term career goals.

Phùng Kim Toàn ISO/QEMS & EHS Manager