mundet mexico

mundet mexico at a glance

what we offer

cafès, restaurants & supermarkets

Cafès, restaurants & supermarkets in walking distance

free medical check-ups

Free medical check-ups and vaccinations (Flu, Hepatitis)

flexible work schedule

Flexible work schedule

emergency fund

Emergency fund in case of financial hardship

employee gifts

(Seasonal) Employee gifts

onboarding process

Warm and welcoming onboarding process

life at mundet mexico

I’ve been entrusted the responsibility of cleaning and preparing equipment as well as operating the printing machine. Each item produced here is tailored to meet the requirements of a specific customer. A company culture that nurtures close collaboration and excellent management makes it all possible.

Angel Gonzalez Mejia Supervisor

I safeguard deadlines, managing equipment and staff to ensure the accuracy, quality and timely delivery of orders. I - like everyone at delfort - prioritize safety and continuously implement improvements that ensure topnotch service and punctuality.

Juan Pablo Morales Paduano Production Supervisor

At delfort, we collaborate with customers to tailor products that meet unique requirements. It’s my job to punch and cut the printed rolls, complying with these individual specifications. Attention to detail and excellent communication are a must. This makes my job fun and challenging, and delfort gives me the tools to do my job well.

Egar Gil Gonzalez Laser Operator