the world market leader for pharmaceutical leaflets. Also a valued partner in the cigarette industry.

OP Papírna, is one of the most prestigious employers within the Czech paper manufacturing industry. We produce 70,000 tons of thinprint and cigarette papers per year, with an export rate of more than 95 percent. We are one of delfort's biggest paper mills, with some 470 employees and 3 paper producing machines.

New technologies as well as the local region are supported at OP Papírna. We take pride in our rich history, international background, deep interest in our employees, customer orientation, and high-quality products.

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one of the oldest producers of rolling papers characterized by its customer orientation and top quality

Roll4You, a daughter company of OP Papírna, is one of the oldest producers of rolling papers. In 2012, the department became an independent daughter company. Roll4You is characterized by its high flexibility, customer orientation and top quality booklets. The most famous Roll4You brands are Vážka, which represents the long tradition of rolling papers, Libella for its independence and international style and the unique Party in House range. Most of the production, however, is contract manufactured for private labels and third party brands.

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