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Katrin Hoos 

Primary Work Location: Austria

Job Rotations: Czech Republic

Trainee Department: Human Resources 

"The international trainee program was a great way for me to start my career within the corporate HR department at delfort. My contact with internal colleagues has enriched my work and has helped me to understand and live the delfort guiding principle of creative collaboration every day. As one of the past participants, I am very proud to be mentoring the new program now and I look forward to working with future delfort talents!”

Current Position in delfort: Corporate HR Manager

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Sáng Ngô Đình 

Primary Work Location: Vietnam

Job Rotations: Austria and Finland

Trainee Department: Production and Lean Management 

"Exploring new things with warm colleagues in a dynamic environment! That is what I think about when looking back on my time as one of the talents of the trainee program at delfort. The warmth of my colleagues in an international environment, together with a spirit of open communication and discussion, will benefit your development during the beginning of your career path. Furthermore, the job rotation part of the program allowed me to not only gain insights into many areas, but also build a network of connections to experts in different fields. That benefit was really important to my job as Process/Project Engineer at the WVN location."

Current Position at delfort: Project & Process Engineer

Lucie Matusova

Primary Work Location: Czech Republic

Job Rotations: Austria 

Trainee Department: Production & Quality

"The delfort international trainee program is a great opportunity to meet and network with experts in the paper industry while learning valuable skills for your future. During my time in the program, I got to know the company as a whole. For me it was very interesting to see how things work in paper mills and to learn about the processes behind making innovative and sustainable papers. This program was a unique chance to work internationally and the experience really broaden my horizons."

Current Position at delfort: Assistant to Paper Machine Manager

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