The term sustainability suggests longevity.

The challenge of sustainability itself is not new. What has changed in recent years is the depth of knowledge and understanding of how environmental, economic and social performance are connected and interdependent. Knowledge has grown in the discipline of environmental science, in particular. The finite nature of resources and the ability of our environment to absorb the wastes and emissions generated by industrial processes is a pressing concern.

delfortgroup has published annual sustainability reports since 2010, allowing us and our stakeholders to gain a better perspective on these important issues. The fourth edition of the report will soon be available! We pay close attention to the figures and are pleased to report on the continued improvements we have made in terms of reducing emissions and water consumption. In 2011 we recorded virtually zero SOx emissions, a fantastic achievement. delfortgroupā€™s  social responsibility compass is an important tool in highlighting issues where we can make a significant and positive contribution.

Practicing a life cycle approach in production and product design, delfortgroup is proud to be part of a sustainable supply chain from start to finish.

In all we do, we work towards a better future!