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d.s.p. Inc USA
216 3rd St. NE, # C
Charlottesville, VA 22902
tel +1 434 202 7870 

D.S.P. Inc USA is based in Charlottesville, Virginia. We service an array of ultra lightweight paper specialities into North America and Canada including thinprint paper, release base paper, ecopac packaging paper and electrical insulating paper, as well as other paper specialities.
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  • thinprint paper
  • ecopac paper
  • release base paper
  • graphical paper
  • electrical insulation paper
  • tipping base paper 
  • plugwrap paper
  • FSC/LIP paper


 contact person:

Joe Kofler

Joe Kofler
President DSP USA


Terry Griffis

Terry Griffis
Vice President thinprint papers

Larry Chapman
Vice President Tobacco Industry

Lee Culler
Sales Manager Tobacco Industry

Amelia Kibler
Financial & Office Manager

Uldrich Nolte
Market & Logistics Supervisor


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