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Why thinprint paper

Firstly, we you and what your needs are.
That’s why thinprint papers have become Europe’s leading solutions provider for thinprint papers. With centuries of business relationships we know how to fulfil customer needs, such as producing tailor-made papers, providing sales & technical services and logistics solutions.

Our mills have a total annual capacity supplying 100,000 tons of high-quality thinprint paper products.

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thinprint medical calculator

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The winning formula

It is not just a question of fulfilling needs. For us, cooperation is most fruitful when Tervakoski, OP papírna and Feurstein sales and technical experts work together to form an effective development team.

This ensures that the requirements are understood correctly. It is no longer a question of finding the perfect Thin paper for each application; it is rather a question of quality and service. The right products are delivered at the desired time and in the right
quantity – even tailored to customer-specific characteristics, if necessary.

Of course, this is basically sales, but one may be tempted to call it close cooperation.

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