The Finnish mill was founded in 1818 and has been part of delfort since 1999. Housing five paper machines, this mill produces an annual capacity of over 100,000 tons of customized papers. In addition to thinprint papers, we also produce paper for tobacco-related products, release base paper, electrical insulation paper and other specialities.

Our finest paper is still produced by hand. The primary focus of the Tervakoski mill is thin papers.

The key to our R&D is a state-of-the-art 40cm / 15.7 inch pilot machine.

Treating the environment with respect is of prime importance to us. Waste water is fully managed. Energy is conserved. Raw materials are responsibly sourced. Environmental aspects and quality systems are ISO certified and Total Quality Management work continues at Tervakoski Oy.





Tervakoski Oy
Vähikkäläntie 1
FI-12400 Tervakoski
tel +358 (0)19 771-1
fax +358 (0)19 771-535





delivery address:

Tervakoski Oy
Tervakoskentie 4
FI-12400 Tervakoski



VAT No: FI15162969
company register's number: Y-tunnus1516296-9