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Dunafin Zrt., Hungary

The biggest speed machine for glassine release base paper, the most modern super calendar for production

Dunafin, south of Budapest, is more than just a mill – it's a success story. With a dedicated team of 130 colleagues, the specialist paper manufacturers are responsible for the most advanced and powerful release liner production available today. In terms of figures, Dunafin is a major global player - recently rocketing from no. 8 to no. 3 in market share. With the ultimate target already within reaching distance, the workforce is working towards its next milestone: number one, worldwide!

Driven by the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology and led by a competent and creative team of skilled professionals, Dunafin is moving ever forwards and making international headlines in the process.


Dr. Franz Feurstein GmbH, Austria

Home to the most modern and powerful paper machine of its kind, worldwide

Equipped with the world's most modern PM3, our renowned paper mill Feurstein is truly unique. A dedicated team of 250 employees and a total of 3 paper machines are the foundation of the mill's continued success. Currently, our skilled professionals at Feurstein are exploring exciting new innovations for the future of speciality paper products, our aim being to lead the global market in the production of packing paper and tipping base papers.

The enormous commitment and continuous motivation shown by our workforce is based on our people-oriented management. As our company steadily grows, both the employees and the company enjoy the benefits of our regular training and health programs, while our workers' families are welcome to take part in of a whole range of shared social activities. In order to keep the workflow efficient and the company spirit strong, production at Feurstein runs smoothly thanks to a proven system of flexible working hours.  

Papierfabrik Wattens GmbH & Co KG, Austria

The industry's true pioneers, with a history of 455 years

In an international, specialist industry like ours, Wattenspapier has earned itself an enviable, solid reputation. As one of the industry's originators, Wattenspapier is also a flagship company in Tyrol, offering exciting career opportunities to the entire region.

Our Innovation Centre in Wattens provides a high-tech base for R&D into cigarette paper and design, corporate & regulatory affairs and technical customer service. Since the introduction of LIP (Lower Ignition Propensity), delfort has broken new ground by further strengthening our position on the global market for cigarette plugwrap paper. The investment in the latest, state-of-the-art converting technology marks yet another step forwards for Wattenspapier, and is a further guarantee for technical excellence and production efficiency.

To work for Wattenspapier is to play a valuable role in a competent and motivated team. The staff pride themselves on top quality and reliability, working together to achieve their goals while exploring new possibilities for future development. Apprenticeships are offered to younger employees, who are guided and mentored by our experienced colleagues to help secure and shape the future of Wattenspapier.

OP Papírna s.r.o., Czech Republic

The global market leader for pharmaceutical leaflets, and a strong international partner for the cigarette industry

With a commanding workforce of 500 employees, OP Papírna is the largest mill within our group. As one of the most significant contenders in the production of cigarette paper and thin print papers, the mill boasts a diverse range of services and an incomparable depth of experience. Our thin papers for the pharmaceutical industry have proven excellence and set the standard for quality and versatility. Roll4You, our latest brainchild, further expands the mill's product palette and unveils a whole new world of possibilities.

As a large, accredited company in a highly specialist field, OP Papírna invests time and energy in the management and well-being of their employees – helping the team to develop as a whole, while promoting the professional growth of individuals. Success begins on the factory floor, with a safe working environment, a skilled and motivated team and clear, collective goals. When the market demands the very best, OP Papírna delivers – putting its customers first, and quality foremost.

Tervakoski Oy, Finland

The thinnest papers for the greatest results

Northern Europe is home to delfort's most versatile paper mill, Tervakoski Oy with more than 300 employees. The colleagues at our northernmost mill have made a name for themselves as specialists in the field of unique and tailor-made, high-quality papers.

The skilled team at Tervakoski is always ready to take on a challenge and enjoys working on innovative solutions for customized papers. At Tervakoski, creative and motivated individuals are always welcome; the working environment is perfect for people looking for an inspiring and flexible working environment, where sales, production and R&D go hand in hand.

As for students and summer workers, ambitious individuals are encouraged to consider spending a season at Tervakoski. Applicants from universities can gain first-hand experience and develop their skills as seasonal workers or make progress on their thesis. This could turn out to be the first step towards a professional future at Tervakoski Oy – and delfort.



Wattens Vietnam Co., Ltd., Vietnam

World class specialty paper in the heart of Asia

The company is operating in a modern industrial park, some 35 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam's biggest city and its center of commerce and culture. The mill is strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia, with short delivery distances to all major Asian markets.  

The mill is housing one paper machine focusing on high quality cigarette and plugwrap papers and constantly developing other specialty papers, like e.g. papers for packaging applications. The team of around 200 people is committed to serving the most demanding customers of the tobacco industry and other specialty paper customers in Southeast Asia and other regions.




Mundet, US and Mexico

Your resource for premium quality gravure printing!

With headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, Mundet has operations in Colonial Heights, VA, Surgoinsville, TN, and Toluca, Mexico. With over 50 years of experience in providing premium quality, high volume, gravure printed substrates, Mundet is the partner of choice for a variety of leading companies and their brands. The demands of working in a highly regulated industry, a high level of expertise in printing, and an innovative approach to meeting customer needs all come together to offer exceptional printed solutions for our customers.
Let us wrap your brand with distinction.



delfortgroup printing service Inc., US

In heart of the US tobacco industry

As a full service Tobacco and Specialty papers producer in the US, delfortgroup printing service Inc. offers printing and the conversion of FSC cigarette paper, tipping bobbins, coated plug wrap papers, latex coating for poultry wraps and teabag papers. The company is consistently recognized for offering tailor-made products, designs and flexible delivery schedules from the local US platform while maintaining high quality products and service.

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