The world of delfort

Where does the name „delfort“ come from?

In search of a company name that would best characterise our business, culture and objectives, we took our inspiration from elements of the past and projected them into the future:

'DEL', derived from the Latin word  'delphinus', meaning 'dolphin', stands for intelligence, creativity and individuality;

'FORT', taken from 'fortis', signifies strength, courage and consistency.

Our company logo represents the subtle balance between passion and rationality, the basis for sustained success in today's competitive business world.

Our philosophy: creative collaboration

At delfort we trust in a unique corporate code, helping us to achieve our daily goals, and laying the way for future ambitions. We have a workforce that we can depend upon – people we care for and interact with, people who carry out their work with great skill, pride and determination. As a visionary company we believe strongly in ideas, creating truly innovative solutions to meet the market's needs, and going that one step further to help shape and improve the future of our industry. We do all of this together as a team, combining our abilities and sharing our knowledge, and providing our customers with a loyal, efficient and dependable partner.