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We offer a full range of thinprint papers, both coated and uncoated for wide variety of applications.

thinstar plus
thinstar plus

thinstar plus

Thinstar plus is a wood-free coated thinprinting paper with a glossy finish.

Thinstar plus offers exceptional whiteness and gloss. Its smooth and sophisticated surface provides ideal print gloss and image quality. Superior optical properties guarantee a high-quality look to your publications.
With its excellent formation and equal sides, thinstar plus is the first choice for catalogues, direct mailings, religious literature, school books and many more.

Thinstar plus is suitable for both black & white and 4-colour heatset web-offset printing.

Thinstar plus is acid-free and complies with ISO 9706 and ANSI/NISO Z3948-1992 for permanent paper. It is produced following the highest environmental standards and also available according to PEFC™ and FSC® certification standards.

thinstar plus

Technical data* Unit Standard TS+35 TS+39 TS+45 TS+50
Substance g/m² ISO 536 35 39 45 50
Basis weight lbs 25"x38"/500 23,5 26,5 30,5 34
Caliper µm ISO 534 33 35 39 44
Bulk cm³/g   0,94 0,89 0,87 0,87
PPI     1540 1450 1300 1150
CIE Whiteness % ISO 11475 120 130 130 130
Opacity % ISO 2471 84 85 86 88
Gloss % ISO 8254-1 22 25 27 30

* Values presented in above table are indicative

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