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We offer a full range of thinprint papers, both coated and uncoated for wide variety of applications.

thincoat max
Thincoat max

thincoat max

Thincoat max is a wood-free coated thinprinting paper with a matt finish.

Thincoat max offers a unique combination of thickness and the properties of thincoat plus. It is designed for any high pagination publication, where thickness is limited.

Thincoat max is suitable for both black & white and 4-colour heatset web-offset printing.

Thincoat max is acid-free and complies with ISO 9706 and ANSI/NISO Z3948-1992 for permanent paper. It is produced following the highest environmental standards and also available according to PEFC™ and FSC® certification standards.

thincoat max (available on request)

Technical data* Unit Standard TCMax29 TCMax31
Substance g/m² ISO 536 29 31
Basis Weight lbs 25"x38"/500 19,5 21
Caliper µm ISO 534 28 30
Bulk cm³/g   0,97 0,97
PPI     1815 1700
CIE Whiteness   ISO 11475 112 112
Opacity % ISO 2471 82 83

* Values presented in above table are indicative

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